Man Ray – Summer 88/Making Ways

Man Ray – Summer 88/Making Ways (2010)

There’s something about acid house that is simultaneously soothing and propulsive, and these two singles showcase both characteristics in bulk.  Man Ray are former New Order bassist Peter Hook (not even getting into that, though it has reached new entertaining highs of late…) and Phil Murphy.  Not surprisingly, their Summer 88 and Making Ways EPs will likely have the following effects you you: 1) you will wish you had a much better sounds system and 2) you will require a lot of open space becuase 3) you will immediately want to consume narcotics, preferably ones that dull the senses as opposed to those that sharpen them.

With this almost-criminally awesome sample of what was, Man Ray remind everyone that past is indeed prologue.  While the sirens featured in the track “Ways of Making Music” may be a little over the top and sound completely out of place by contemporary standards, it’s at least light years better than Hooky’s recent, middling Freebass project (three bass players?!).  Where Freebass left us all really scratching our heads, Man Ray are, instead, a welcome direction back to Hooky’s more sensible electronic instincts. 


We’re On It

Making Ways (Phil de Gap Remix)

Ways of Making Music

The Smoking Cupcake, October 2011


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