RIDE – Grasshopper

RIDE – Grasshopper EP (1992)

Alongside My Bloody Valentine, RIDE were the quintessential band of the shoegaze era.  They might have lost their way a little bit toward to the end – though I still demand someone explain to me how Carnival of Light does not kick ass – they never lost their ability to create massive walls of sound.  Layer upon layer of guitars and effects.  Their apex was the epic Leave Them All Behind – 8 minutes + of, basically, feedback. Their real masterpiece, Grasshopper, has collected dust for years on a little known Japanese EP of the same name.  This instrumental track clocks in at nearly 11 minutes and is replete with, one would presume given its Japan-only release, thousands of screaming Japanese chicks in the background.  Perfection…



The Smoking Cupcake, October 2011 (repost)


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