Wire – So and Slow It Grows (1991)

Wire – So and Slow It Grows (1991)

There is absolutely no reason to try to figure out what the f*ck the title of this record is all about.  In fact, through their history as first a punk band (legendary), second as an indie post-punk-flirt-with-electronics pop band (average with flashes of brilliance) and then, briefly, as an exercise in aural punishment via the unlistenable Manscape (1990) and finally back to modestly talented pop band, Wire have always confused the sh*t out of me with both their record titles and their indecipherable lyrics.  I mean, what the hell are Silk Skin Paws? Could Kidney Bingos – musically, their most accessible single; lyrically, the post-punk equivalent of what Mr. T might refer to as gibber jabber – have a more confusing title?  Regardless, their experimentation did yield some good stuff, So and Slow It Grows being the stand-out of their waning years.  Unfortunately, as with most bands that create music like this, you can never capture all their output in one place unless you do it yourself, hence this post. 

So, for the only time I’m aware of, here is all the output from the So and Slow It Grows sessions:

So and Slow It Grows (7″ Version) – I like this expeditiously paced version; Michael Mann should use it on a soundtrack for one of his films

So and Slow It Grows (The Orb In Atlas Mix) – Remixed by The Orb, ups the mysterioso ante of the 7″ version considerably

Nice From Here – Bouncy b-side, thankfully not in an Erasure way

Take It (LFO Remix) – LFO – not those “Abercrombie & Fitch” a**holes – are frustrating in that they rarely do anything so that this mix saw the light of day is a victory in and of itself.  That it’s killer is even better.

So and Slow It Grows (Album Version) – Longer, slower, at times kind of scary yet more atmospheric than the other versions; though it’s not listed anywhere in the sleeve notes, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn Eno had something to do with this…

The Smoking Cupcake, October 2011




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