Bo Stefan Eriksson: marginal driver, even more marginal crook.

In the annals of bone-headed crooks, Bo Stefan Eriksson has few competitors.  Mafia thug (the Swedish mafia that is…) turned handheld-gaming-device-empire-mogul left a lot more than a trail of destruction in his wake on the morning of February 21, 2006.  On that morning, he obliterated a rather expensive, and apparently stolen, Ferrari Enzo out on the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu, CA.  Somewhere in the vicinity of 200 mph, Eriksson lost control of the car, t-boned it into a telephone pole and, amazingly, walked away with nothing more than a split lip.  Perhaps a minor detail, he also told the cops that a stranger named “Dietrich” was driving and had impulsively decided to race a Mercedes, thus causing the crash.  Naturally, rather than waiting for the authorities, this Dietrich fellow took off on foot to the Malibu hills where he subsequently “disappeared.”

Fortunately for the rest of us, that wasn’t the end of the story.  After months of investigation involving the L.A. County cops, the FBI and a host of others, we were blessed with the story of Tiger Telematics and all its slapstick misfires.  Tiger Telematics was Eriksson’s “legitimate” business and is most famous for producing the Gizmondo, a gaming device held in regard by most gamers as the Steaming-Turd-Standard of handheld gaming systems.

Tiger Telematics' "Gizmondo" - The steaming turd of gaming devices...

And that’s just the beginning…Given the can of worms Eriksson unleashed with his ill-timed crack up, I think he probably would have traded both his legs to avoid what happened next.  For more on that from an authority much better than I, check this October 2006 article out from Wired magazine.

For extra-granular detail, here’s some more “Stefanastic!” stuff:

Original live FOX News 11 coverage of the crash

Footage of Stefan driving his other Ferrari Enzo (It wouldn’t be the same without the soundtrack…)

Actual footage of another also-stolen-high-end car of Stefan’s being impounded

The Smoking Cupcake, February 2010


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